Monday, 13 April 2015

cool straw vases

beautiful and decent vases always make great centre pieces for your dining table and if you make them yourself, you can adapt them perfectly to your decoration.

these staw vases are perfect...straws are available in so many colours and they don't even need to be glued to a glass container, they can easily be held by a rubber band.

of course you could adhere the straws , especially if you do not intend to change the colour of the vase.

quick, easy, inexpensive and cool...another great diy project for me and a pictured tutorial for you.

this what you need

- a bunch of drinking straws

- rubber band

- test tube

- decorative ribbon

- scissors

- glue

this is what you have to do

- bundle your straws

- attach the rubber band to hold the straws in place

- get your test tube ready

- place the test tube in the middle of the straws

- push it on the bottom of the straw bundle

- if you might have noticed i had to change the rubber band, unfortunately the red one could not be totally covered by the ribbon

- cut the ribbon into the desired length

- glue the ribbon onto the rubber band

- and that it is

- cool black straw vases

my inspiration for this project will be found here:

i hope you enjoyed my quick and easy tutorial...thank you very much for stopping regards...silke