Thursday, 15 January 2015

ikea hack calendar

it does not always have to be a hardware store...sometimes i get inspired at ikea.

if this is a real ikea hack...i am not sure...because of the number tags...they are found in the stationary section and i have no idea what they are meant to be used tags...???

maybe they are made for calendars...i don't know...but they are just perfect for it and saved me a lot of time.

...the purpose for the huge clipboard and the placemat are sure not a i just dare to call this a...ikea hack calendar.

it is easy to make and you can get everything you need at ikea...i am not that sure about those particular screws, as i had mine on hand.

this is what you need

- large black clipboard

- black and white striped placemat

- six large screws and nuts

- five sets of black number tags

- small black bowl

- pen

- drill

this is what you have to do

- place the placemat underneath the clip of the board

- arrange six number tags to find the best position for the calendar display

- after trying a few arrangements, i opted to place all numbers for day, month and year in one row

- mark the spots for the drilling with your pen

- like this

- start with a smaller drill to pre-drill your holes

- you can drill through the placemat and the board in one step

- enlarge the holes with a bigger drill

- insert the screw from the back of the clipboard

- like this

- get your nut ready

- fasten the screw

-repeat with the other five screws

- add the number tags to the screws

- place the remaining number tags into the bowl

- you can either hang the calendar on the wall

- or place it on the table

- that it is, a very quick and stylish calendar, which can be used for many years

thank you very much for dropping by...i hope you enjoyed my regards...silke