Thursday, 8 January 2015

coated faux antique newspaper calendar

i know it seems to be a little late for a calendar...but...i do not really need a calendar....and just decided that i want to have one...having had a couple ideas for handmade ones, i again could not make up my mind which one to choose and started a small calendar collection. this month it will be all about the way there are still eleven months to sort of still worth it to make one...or two.

the first one is going to be this vintage style one, which is made from aged and sealed with a silicone need to be a bit patient...but at the end this calendar is durable and can be used for many years.

this i what you need

- newspapers

- brewed coffee

- scissors

- pen

- letter stencils

- laminate sample chip or simple clipboard

 -fancy paper clip or hair pin

- clear silicone sealant

 - spatula

- cling foil or anything waterproof to protect your working surface

this is what you have to do

- open your newspaper and check for pages with a lot of writing and less pictures

- roughly cut out those excerpts

- cut those pieces into the size which fits the best on your laminate sample or clipboard

- get your stencil and pen ready

- draw one of the numbers from 1 to 31 onto each piece of newspaper

- like this

- cover your working surface with anything waterproof, i used cling foil

- spread out your calendar pages

- to create an antique look, get your coffee and your sponge ready

- immerse the sponge into the cup of coffee 

- apply the coffee onto the newspaper

- let can speed up the drying process by ironing the papers or placing them in the oven at low temperature

- here we go

- you can intensify the vintage look by adding a few more coats or using a stronger brewed coffee

- it could also look like this

- to make the calendar more durable, get your silicone sealant and a spatula ready

- apply some of the silicone onto the page

- i figured out that applying them in a zig zag way works the best

- use your spatula to evenly spread out the silicone

- the pages now have a slightly shiny coat

- get your laminate sample and your bag clip ready

- place the calendar pages onto the upper part of the board

- add the clip to hold the pages

- that is it

- alternatively you can use a brooch or fancy hairpin to hold the pages

- anything having a clip will work

- insert the clip into the hole of the laminate sample

- place the pages inbetween the board and the papers

- and that is it

the idea to coat the papers with silicone comes from here:

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial...thank you very much for stopping regards...silke