Wednesday, 21 January 2015

brass calendar and notepad board

a calendar combined with a notepad and a pen...this sounds pretty much practical.

...indeed it is practical...but it can be also cool and stylish.

i wanted to make a calendar out of metal, not really knowing which metal to choose, before i made my way to the hardware store.

once there, the decision was quickly does look quite posh and not too tacky...and everything i needed was available in brass.

...i always wanted to do something with paperrolls...and they are just perfect for calendars and of course for notepads...they came in a pack of five, so there will be some more to come...and i bought a huge one too, which will be the base for my next project.

making a calendar yourself does take some time, but those calendars are very personal, so beautiful and absolutely worth the it.

i hope you enjoy this post...thank you very much for visiting me regards...silke

this is what you need

- brass grid sheet

- two brass door knobs

- two brass drawer pulls

- two brass hooks

- two small brass bars

- brass chain

- brass screws

- smaller brass screws

- screwdriver

- two paperrolls

- letter and number stencils

- pen 

this is what you have to do

- arrange the knobs, pulls, hooks and bars on the brass grid sheet

- insert the screw in one of the holes of the brass sheet, the holes can be easily enlarged with the screwdriver, if necessary

- add the door knob from the other side

- fasten the screw with a screwdriver

- repeat with one side of the drawer pull

- stick the drawer pull through the paperroll

- put the drawer pull in place

- fasten from the backside of the grid, using your screwdriver

- here we go

- place the bar on top the paper, close to the paperroll

- fasten the other side of the bar

- here we go

- repeat with the remaining knob, pull and bar

- just leave one of the screws of the drawer pull loose, as the paperroll needs to lettered first

- place one of the hooks inbetween the both paperrolls

- and place the second one just right next to it and fasten both

- get your stencils and pen ready

- write the name of the month vertically onto the paper

- leave some space on the left side to add the numbers

- add the day in numbers

- here we go

- continue with the remaining days and roll up the paper again after you fnished lettering

- fasten the drawer pull after inserting the paperroll

- and you are done with the screwing

- a close up of the calendar roll

- close-up of the notepad roll

- get your chain ready

- wrap the chain around each door knob 

- place the pen into the hooks

- and that it is

- now you must have to hang your new organisation board onto your wall