Thursday, 25 December 2014

wooden tray...whiskey barrel inspired

what makes a perfect wedding present, makes a great christmas present, too...don't you agree.

the inspiration for this project was actually meant for a newly wed couple, but i thought it could be a great present for any food lover, who loves to host a get-together once in a while...or anyone who is into beautiful decoration stuff.

i thought it would be perfect for my brother...but on christmas the house will be full of "Rudats" and if he would not like it, for sure i would find someone else who would.

the most challenging part was to get a round wooden piece of wood, for myself i got a wooden table top...but this would have been way too big for a gift for someone else...where should they store it, when not in use...??? hardware store could cut a circle into a wooden board for me and neither could i...the perfect solution came from a blue and yellow swedish interior shop...they sell a wooden turntable tray in the right size for a very good

...the only downside...i could not really repurpose anything...i just made a tray out of a tray...ok...a beautiful personalized tray out of a plain tray...still...a tray is a tray.

owning a plotter would have made this project easier and i was really thinking of buying one...but to be honest...stencils and pens did a good job...and so far i manage to live without a plotter.

...anyhow i had a lot of fun making this tray...and i can't wait to make the giant one for myself.

this is what you need

- wooden round tray

- two drawer handles

- screws

- drill

- screw driver

- sand paper

- letter stencils in various sizes

- black pens in various sizes

- wood stain paint

- brush

- clear matt acryl finish

this is what you have to do

- sand the board thoroughly

- get your stencils ready...i made a template in the size of the tray beforehand.

- start drawing onto the tray

- use a stencil or a template

- it could look like this...

- apply the wood stain paint onto the board, using a brush

- if the board does not soak up the stain paint well you have to keep on sanding the board...this works well using the on top of the sanding paper on top of the still wet stain paint

- here we go

- a close-up

- get our clear finish ready

- spray the board...add as many coats as you require

- get your handles ready

- choose a position for the handles

- mark it with a pencil

- start drilling the holes

- add the screws

- fasten the screws with a screw driver

- that's it

- a whiskey barrel inspired wooden tray

- i hope you like the idea and enjoyed the tutorial...thank you very much for stopping by and best regards...silke

the inspiration for this project came from here: