Monday, 22 December 2014

lace clay coasters

air dry clay and lace...a perfect combination...and in the crafter community mostly used to make bowls or small trays.

i was thinking about making some bowls, too...actually i started making them...and thanks to the very long drying period of the clay i used, i was able to chance my mind the next day.

...what happened...???

as you might have noticed earlier...i love to make things i can actually use...i am not that into craft without any purpose.

...i wanted to make a set of bowls and i was thinking what i could do with bowls, which are not save for bowls would get a few coats of paint, of course.

every possible purpose which came into my mind...turned out to be not useful for me...i don't need anything for my keys (they do have a dedicated very convenient place already), jewellery (i made a few beautiful and handy storages already) and mail (i love my slinky mail holder).

coasters...yes, coasters...i loved the idea of making coasters...they are beautiful...very useful...and they do not come in contact with food...and they make a nice gift.

this is what you need

- air dry clay

- piece of lace or a doily

- rolling pin

- silicone mat

- bowl or glass to cut out the coasters

- small knife

- paint 

- sponge

- clear acryl finish, optional

this is what you have to do

- roll your clay into a ball

- roll out the dough

- place your doily onto the dough

- press down the doily firmly into the dough, using your rolling pin

- remove the doily

- this is what i got

- choose the cut out section for your coaster

- place the bowl onto the chosen section and press down firmly

- remove the excess clay around the bowl

- this is what you might get

- use a small knife to cut back the still remaining clay

- use sand paper to smoothen the edges of the coaster

- apply your paint with a sponge

- let dry completey

- and that it is

there are so many tutorials on doily clay craft, so i do not have a clue where to find the original i thought i share the link of junes post, because i saw it on her blog first.

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial...thank you very much for visiting my regards...silke