Thursday, 18 December 2014

foil drawing art christmas cards

loving the christmas spirit, loving old fashioned traditions and loving to give those traditions a new fashioned touch...led me to write some christmas cards...and of course to make them myself.

i always admired those beautiful foil drawings and decided to use this beautiful technique for this years christmas cards.

...i am not really sure if you figure out, that what are shown on the cards should be christmas just in case you are wondering...i tried to draw christmas trees...!!!

there i a beautiful tutorial for foil drawing art right here and i tried to stick to it as good as possible. in germany can be quite challeneging when it comes to following a tutorial of american many cases we just don't have access to the needed supply and we need to be quite create to substitute a few things...luckily it is manageable most of the times.

to cut a long story is my tutorial for foil drawing christmas cards.

this is what you need

- black card boards, slightly smaller than your envelopes

- hot glue gun

- aluminium foil

- pencil

- scissors

- glue stick

- black shoe polish

- cotton buds, optional

- tissue paper

this is what you have to do

- draw your desired design with a pencil onto your card board

- apply hot glue along the drawn lines

- don't worry about small glue threads, they can be removed afterwards

- don't worry if the lines are sometimes a bit uneven, i think this is quite charming

- even leaving some of the threads, isn't a problem

- cut out a piece of aluminium foil, which is larger than the card board

- get your glue stick ready

- cover the entire foil with the glue stick

- place the card board in the middle of the foil

- turn it around and press the foil firmly and gently onto the card board

- the aluminium foil might tear if you press to firmly, but if you use a black card board, it won't really show

- to highlight the structure of your painting, you might want to use a cotton bud

- it could look like this

- turn the card board around

- fold the excess foil inwards

- get another card board ready, this should be a bit smaller than the already used one

- apply glue onto the edges of the cards board

- stick it onto the back of the card

- apply black shoe polish onto the aluminium foil

- cover the entire foil with the shoe polish

- remove the excess with a tissue paper

- and this is what i got

- and another one

- a close-up

- here the backside of the envelope

- the envelope is sealed with seal wax

- and a silicone stamp used for a "merry christmas" signature

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial...thank you very much for visiting my regards and merry christmas...silke