Sunday, 1 June 2014

elegant diy cloches

cloches are such beautiful things...not only as decoration...they also look awesome on your dining table or party buffet to present your food.

...there are so many possibilities...metal, glass, wood, plastic...depending on your style and on the intended purpose.

i chose quite small cloches, so they can cover individual deserts or starters...secretly in stainless steel and unsurprisingly in glass.

...they are really gorgeous and a real highlight on every dinner party.

this is what you need

- small stainless steel bowl

- glass or acryl drawer pull

- small glass bowl

- stainless steel drawer pull

- screws

- screw driver

- drill (dremel 3000)

- glass or diamond drill bit

this is what you have to do

 - drill a hole in the middle of the bottom of the stainless bowl

- pull your screw through the hole leaving the head of the screw the inside of the bowl

- the other end of the screw should stick out of the bowl

- attach the door knob to the screw

- fasten the screw with your screwdriver

- and...that's it

- repeat with the glass bowl, but use a glass or diamond drill bit and drill carefully and patiently

- don't they look beautiful...???

first i saw a handmade cloche here and instantly fell in love with the idea

i hope you got a bit inspired regards...silke