Wednesday, 25 June 2014

brass washer necklace

another visit to the hardware store...and this is what i got. inspiration for another necklace.

i was pretty much sure, that i would go for some washers and was very delighted to see that brass washers exist, too...yes...this is what i wanted...and they do have matching chains...yes.

...back home, i spread all my new treasures out and started thinking and thinking and thinking.

and...this is what i got...a layered brass necklace with a washer decorated wooden flower as a base for an attachable brooch.

 this is what you need

- eleven brass washers, plus one extra washer

- six smaller washers

- 5m brass filigrane chain

- wooden base

- plain hairclip

- glue

- metallic paint

- brush

- pliers

this is what you have to do

- paint the wooden base, if required

- start adhering the washers to your base

- glue the hairpin onto the backside of the wooden flower

- get your pliers ready

- twist open the last ring of the chain

- cut the chain in six pieces of various lenghts

- attach the first ring of the first chain to one of the washers

- close the ring again

- repeat with the remaining five chains

- and attach the last rings of the six chains to the opposite side of the washers

- get your brooch ready

- attach your brooch onto the chains

- and here we go, your hardware store necklace is ready to wear

nice, isn't...???

hardware stores are well equipped with stuff, which is worth being repurposed into cool and stylish other things...i can't wait to go back there, to see what i could get next.

i hope you have enjoyed the brass washer tutorial and may get inspired yourself. regards...silke