Thursday, 19 June 2014

aircrete and wooden board shelf

what can i say...i just don't like cabinets, closets and all other chunky furnitures...i just can't help it.

...i am in trouble...i have too much stuff and not enough storage where to put all my treasures?

while looking for some alternatives in various furniture stores, i remembered a shelf construction i had in my first apartment more than twenty years ago...back then in black and white, matching my cool eighties interior.

a trip to my favourite hardware store and i was sure that i am going to be making another one matching my oriental influenced apartment.

...i "outsourced" some of my china ware and glasses and they look great on my new shelves.

sorry for the really bad pictures...they were taken in the middle of the night with my outdated iphone

this is what you need

- six aircrete blocks

- three wooden boards

- paint for the stones

- paint for the boards

this is what you have to do

- you simply have to choose your paint

- start painting your concrete blocks and wooden boards

- assemble your shelves, starting with two blocks on the floor and adding the first board

- then add two more blocks on top of the first board and continue with the last blocks, ending with the last board

- there is no drilling and no gluing neccessary 

- you can add up as many shelves as you like

- and than you just have to decorate your new shelf

that's all you have to...easy...isn't it...???

...thanks for stopping regards...silke