Sunday, 11 May 2014

the one with the heart, the strings and the nails

a perfect mother's day "card" and quite impressive ... especially if the gift itself is rather small. does not require any special skills and the needed supply might be found just somewhere around the house.

to make it look a little bit more like mother's day and not so much like valentine's day ... i added a wooden decorative flower and some sequins to the red string heart.

as my mom loves trail mixes, i made one myself with a selection of exclusive nuts and homemade dried fruit.

the recipe for dehydrating fruits can be found here:

this is what you need

- rustic wooden board

- nails

- hammer

- yarn

- sequins

- glue

- wooden deco flower

- heart-shaped paper template

- pencil

this is what you have to do

- mark the spots for the nails along the edge of the paper heart, leaving around one or two inches between the spots

- fold the heart in half along the centre

- punch holes with your pencil through both layers to save some time 

- lay the paper shape in the centre of the wooden board

- nail around the outline of the paper heart

- once all your nails are in

- remove the paper

- and the wooden board could look like this

- get your yarn and tie a knot around the head of one of the nails

- wrap the yarn around each nail

- keep going back and forth until your heart is covered with strings

- once you are done

- outline the entire heart to make the heart shape pop out

- go back to the start and and tie a knot using the excess string from the first tie

- cut the ends short and hide them under the rest of the strings

- get your sequins ready

- ooops...and some glue, too

- optional add some more decoration

- et voila... ready

and this is what insipired me:

happy mother's day everyone and best regards...silke