Tuesday, 4 March 2014

homemade apple chips

...no worries...i am still very much into chocolate...and i am still going to make chocolaty treats...but this apple chips...oh my god...they are just so yummy...and they are so worth to try.

to be honest...the reason to actually try some apple chips myself was pretty much superficial...i just liked the way they look...i was fascinated by the star-like centre of the chips...so beautiful.

...but they are not just beautiful...they are damn delicious...

they are also easy to make and you just need to be patient...very patient...and you need to make much more than you are initially intend to do...believe me...they will be gone so quickly.

 this is what you need

- apples ( i managed to get 1 1/2 apples on one baking tray)

- lemons ( i needed 4 lemons for 6 baking trays)

- cinnamon powder

this is what you have to do

- wash your apples thoroughly and dry them with a towel

- squeeze one lemon into a bowl and stir in some cinnamon powder

- cut the apples into thin slices with either a sharp knife or a mandoline slicer

- dip each apple slice into the lemon-cinnmon mixture and place onto a lined baking tray

- ensure the slices do not overlap

- springle some more cinnamon powder onto the apple slices

- place the baking tray into your oven

- bake at 50 to 70 degree celisius

- leave the oven door a lttle bit open

- the apple chips are ready, when crispy...it could take upto 8 hours

- you can store the apple chips in an airtight container

...if you wish you can add some ginger to your apple chips, this is what paula did and her post was my inspiration...thank you, paula