Wednesday, 19 February 2014

hallway signs for a cosy home

aren't they beautiful...???

the minute i saw the first hallway sign tutorial on pinterest, i fell in love with the idea and knew i had to make some myself.

...not having a hallway and living in an oriental inspired more loft-like apartment, i thought i had  to improvise a little bit.

it turmed out, i had to improvise a little more than a little bit, as living in germany seems to be a great challenge for crafters, who get their inspiriation from american blogs... we don't have michael's or hobby lobby...and it is so difficult to get the required supplies, so some of them needed to be replaced by repurposed others things .

...i tried hard and this is the result.

this is what you need..or what i used instead

- iron wrought plant brackets

- oval wooden plagues...(bamboo cutting boards)

- paint

- metal paint

- brushes a bigger one and a finer one

- two sponges

- template of the writing

- transfer paper

- pencil

- drill

- screws 

- screwdriver

- hooks

this is what you have to do

- drill a hole into the middle upper part of the wooden plague

- as i could only find thin bamboo cutting boards, i did not dare to drill the top edge, where i could have just screwed in a hook

- start painting your wooden plagues, i was too lazy to sand the boards first and it worked out really well

- i don't really like it, if the lines of the brush are visible, so i always apply the top coat with a sponge

- keep another sponge ready and a darker paint, i used the same paint i used for the letters and the plant brackets

- apply some of the colour onto the sponge and start to darken the edges of the plague

- get your letter template, the transfer paper and the pencil ready

- using the stencil to transfer the writing onto your wooden plague

- it should come out like this...or even better

- with a brush and paint highlight the writing

- i made it short and quick and opted for the writing bath (bathroom), bed (bedroom) and beyond (laundry room)

- i could only get beautiful flower brackets in a colour, i did not like and had to paint it with a golden brown metall paint

- the look so much better in the darker colour

- and it goes so well with the red of the wooden plague

- you now just have to attach the sign to the bracket, using a matching hook and affix it onto your wall

- the hallway signs look the best in a matching colour to your hallway walls.

- original signs are in off white and look so beautiful and you can find them here:

thank you so much destiny for this beautiful and for sharing your tutorial.