Thursday, 20 March 2014

round bamboo serving tray

...the last few years these round wooden trays with a handle in the middle popped up in every decoration shop...most of them in a rustic shabby look.

one of those things, i wanted have...not that i would need one...but i just really wanted to have one.

...the only thing making me could i buy one instead of just making one myself...???

a few months ago i came across this bamboo plate...on sale for 1 euro and just perfect.

despite this super bargain, i could even make a better deal...i found this wooden curtain rail holder for 0,50 euro...and as i still had my wood stain paint and my glue gun on hand...the total cost for the entire wooden tray...1,50 euro...not bad.

this is what you need


- wooden round plate

- wooden curtain rail holder

- sand paper

- hot glue gun

- wood stain paint

- brush

this is what you have to do

- sand your wooden curtain rail holder

- sand your wooden plate

- paint the back side of the plate

- you might have to apply a second or even third coat

- paint the upper side of the plate

- paint the curtain rail holder

- hot glue both pieces of the handle onto each other

- hot glue the handle onto the middle of the plate

- if your plate comes with a rim on the back side you can the screw the handle onto the is maybe the better idea anyways...especally if used a serving tray


- i hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and maybe it does even inspire you a little bit