Sunday, 10 November 2013

unique and stylish advent calendar for men...not only for men

this year i am sooo exicted and i can't wait until christmas...especially the time just before.

...i love the cosy advent time with all its christmas baking, crafting and decorating, so i wanted to make an advent calendar for myself and got really inspired for one...another one...and another one...and another one...i could not resist and ended up making a few of them.

i am pretty much in love with all of them and would love to share my creations with you.

the first one  turned out to be bit different as i planned, which you will notice while watching the tutorial...i kept changing the colour of the pen and the yarn, i used...but i am so happy with the result...basically all the results.

by the way..."vierundzwanzig" means twenty-four in german ...and i thought it might be good a title, because i am planning to fill the advent calendar with twenty-four cookies a recipe book with 24 recipes can easily be named "vierundzwanzig", even after christmas.

...the intended more girlie version for my nineteen year old niece turned out to be too i had to think of another girlie version and the black advent calendar with grey sparkling yarn came into my mind.

i hope you like what you see and maybe i could intrigue a little bit for my other advent calendars to follow....

this is what you need

- felt, 3mm, 30-45cm

- 24 envelopes size dinA 5

- letter and number stencil

- yarn or leather cord 

- one eyelet

- eyelet tools

- scissors

- pens ( golden pens do not work on light grey felt)

- fold back paper clip

this is what you have to do

- place one of the envelopes onto to the piece of felt and find the right position, i chose the middle


- place the paper clip right above the envelopes

- attach the envelope to the clip to ensure you are happy with its position

- use a pen to mark, where you want to make your cut

- draw a thin line between the marks

- cut along the line

- insert the paper clip into the split

- choose a position to place the eyelet onto the cover of the advent calendar

- punsh a hole, using a hole punsher or any eyelet tool

- insert the eyelet, using the same tool

- place your letter stencil onto the cover and carefully choose a position for you title, so it won't interfere with the eyelet and the fastening cord

- you might want create a template first, it might be easier for you

- start drawing the letters

- add the numbers 1 to 24 to the twenty-four envelopes

- luckily the stencil i used, contains letters and numbers

- of course you can print the numbers and letters onto the envelopes, but i actually enjoyed doing it the old-fashioned way

- looks nice...but...a bit plain...

- you can add a little "december"...better...???

- i think so

- now you can stuff your envelopes with anything which comes into your mind...i used twenty four cookies recipes...baking at this time of the year is mandatory anyways...and a recipe collection with 24 recipes can easily be named "vierundzwanzig"

- pull a piece of yarn or leather string through the eyelet

-i haven't had any black yarn on hand and chose black shoe laces instead...not a bad idea

- fold the right side of the felt on top of the envelopes

- fold the left side of the felt on top the right side

- wrap the cord around the  "book" to fasten it

- and that's it

- isn't it cool...???