Sunday, 29 September 2013

placemat envelope purse with handle

and another placemat handbag...basically a fusion of two handbags, i created previously...same placemats as the black lunchbag purse and same handle as the blue handbag with baroque handle and matching brooch.

...the difference is the envelope like shape of the handbag and the huge button on top of the release.

as always the "pattern" is pretty simple...and the look of the purse depends on the placemat you choose to use.

this is what you need

- two placemats

- one fancy handbag handle

- velcro

- one big button

- scissors

- paper clips

- sewing machine

- sewing needle

- thread

this is what you have to do

- cut three quarter of one of the placemats in lengthsways

- place it on top of the other placemat

- keep all three sides in place using paper clips

- sew along the edges

- folder over the remaining part of the placemat

- attach the handle on top of the turn-over

- hand stitch the handle

- attach the velcro to the inner side to the bag to fasten the bag

- sew a button on the outer side of the bag to cover the velcro stitches