Wednesday, 31 July 2013

picture frame tray

one picture frame...two door knobs or drawer handles...a piece of fabric or fancy paper...a few tools...that's it what you need to repurpose a picture into a beautiful serving or decorating tray.

sounds easy...and it really is.

the good thing is, that you can easily change the design of the tray, so it matches every table set up, anytime...just change the fabric or paper inside.

...nice to see in my post, because  i replaced  the flowerly brown fabric with a snake skin placemat , before i even got the chance to publish this post.

this is what you need

- picture frame

- two door knobs or drawer handles

- fabric or decorative paper

- electric drill

- bolts

- screwdriver

- ruler

- pen

- nails

- hammer

- scissors

- stapler

this is what you have to do

- disassemble picture frame

- remove backing board of the frame and the glass

- place the frame on our working surface, facing the front side up


 - meassure frame from top to bottom


- make a pencil marking in the middle of the frame on both sides

- drill a hole through the centre of the markings

- repeat on the other side

- feed the bolt through the drilled hole in the backside of the frame

- screw the bolt into the base of the handles until tight

- repeat on the other side of the frame

-if necessary, knock in two nails

- cut fabric to the size of the inside board of the picture frame

- ensure to choose a beautiful extract of the fabric

- staple the fabric to the paper board

- the staples need to be at the edge of the board, so they won't be visible inside the tray

- return the glass and place the fabric inside the frame

- place the backing board back into the frame and secure it

and here i got the  inspiration for this project