Thursday, 4 July 2013

faux gumball machine easy to make and so inexpensive...these faux gumball machines make great give-aways, party food accessories or just simply home decoration.

i've seen sooo many inspiring diy gumball machine tutorials all over the web and just had to do my very own version, matching all other party decoration thingies, i made already...and still planning to do. favorite hammer blow effect spray paint is of course an essential part of this project...i just love it...

this is what you need

- terracotta pot

- terracotta saucer

- glass bowl

- round wooden ball

- wooden half balls

- hot glue pistol

- spray paint hammer blow effect

this is what you have to do

- attach the wooden ball with hot glue to the bottom of the saucer

- glue the half balls to one side of the terracotta pot             


- spraypaint the terracotta pot as well as the saucer carefully

- hot glue the  glass bowl to the base of the terracotta pot


- fill the gumball machine with candies