Wednesday, 5 June 2013

simple stylish clutch with huge tassel

...and one more handbag...and again easy to make and again made from an unusual material and still pretty.

i could have also done it from a placemat, but i decided to use a carpet it is sturdy, and self-adhesive, cheap and easy to handle. i chose a huge tassle for the closure of the bag, i opted to skip a tradional fastener...and did not regret it at all.

the tutorial is so simple, that you actually won't need any...but i enjoy taking photos of the making, so you do get a short pictured tutorial antways.

i hope you do enjoy and maybe it inspires you , regards...silke

this is what you need

- a square carpet tile, placemat or piece of felt

- fabric

- huge drapery tassel tie-back

- spray adhesive

- scissors

- yarn

- large paper clips

- sewing machine

this is what you have to do

- apply the spray adhesive onto the inner side of the carpet file

- place the fabric onto the sticky side of the tile 

- press the fabric firmly onto the carpet file

- trim any excessive fabric from the edges

- fold one third of the tile inwards

- secure with paperclips

- sew along both edges of the fabric to be gathered

- fold down the upper third of the carpet tile

- twine the tie-back tassel around the clutch to close it

 - this is all you have to do to create a simple and stylish clutch...enjoy it