Saturday, 15 June 2013

unique handbags made from carpet tiles

...even these handbags are made from carpet tiles and can be also made from placemats.

the attached pictures show you how to make a simple handbag from two felt placemats. add some glamour to your bag you can add some brooches, gemstones or flowers...and affix fabric onto the two pieces before sewing them together.

just simply cut out one smaller circle from each placemat and seam together both parts, leaving an opening on the can even thread a cord in punched holes.

...if you are using carpet tiles, you don't even need any glue, as the back side of the tiles are sticky and self-adhesive.

i hope you enjoy the handbags as much as i do...i made most of them a few years ago and still love to use them... i can't stop making more of them.


this is what you need

thi is what you have to do