Saturday, 30 March 2013

jolly jelly easter bunnies

...who says it has to be chocolate, when it comes to easter sweets.

me being a big time chocolate lover, not being able to resist any chocolate temptation, thought i should go for an alternative this easter...but...i admit it is not an alternative it is an addition.

...just in case you are expecting a recipe for jelly babies or gummi bears...sorry...there won't be any coming up here.

not that i haven't tried making them before...not that they haven't turned out quite well...but...the entire process is way to time and money consuming to do it again. rather come up with this inexpensive and quick way of getting your jelly beans and gummi bears in a perfect easter shape.


this is what you need

- silicone bunny and egg shaped moulds

- gummi bears

- sherbet powder

- bowl

- oven

this is what you have to do

- pour sherbet powder into the bowl

- put your gummi bears into the silicone moulds

- fill up the moulds totally and press the gummi bears firmly into the moulds

- place the moulds into the oven and let the jellies melt approximately 15 minutes at 210 degrees fahrenheit

- let everything cool down totally 

- remove jelly easter bunnies and eggs 

- dip the jellies into the sherbet powder bowl

- turn the jellies around, so they are totally covered with the powder

...this prevents the jolly jelly easter bunnies from sticking together

- enjoy