Wednesday, 10 April 2013

sunflower seed set for kids

...looking for a small gift for a three and a half year old little boy can be sooo difficult.

it should be something cool, fun, entertaining and it would be great if it could be educational as well...and the most diffucult part...he should not have this special something already.

...browsing the web for some inspiration...i found a few sunflower seeding sets for kids and started liking the idea...unfortunately most of the sets just didn't look that nice...

but...seeds, soil, container...i should be able to create a set myself...and i did.

i really like the result and i really hope my little nephew mika likes it, too.

this is what i needed

- zinc container

- soil

- sunflowerseeds

- fabric sunflower

- wooden letters

- small magnets

- small transparent plastic bags with clips

this is what i did

- painted the wooden letters in metallic silver colour

- glued the small magnets onto the letters

- attached the letters to the zinc container

- filled two bags with soil, closed the bags and placed them in the zinc container

- added the sunflower seeds

- wrapped the decorative sunflower on one of the handles of the container

- enjoyed the result

i very much love the idea of this can immeately start seeding the sunflower, they have to water it regularly, can watch them grow, use the magnetic letters their own memoboard and reuse the container.