Monday, 22 April 2013

five-fold variation of my candle stand candy jars it is...something i was really looking forward to five-fold variation of the candle stand candy jars.

i replaced the candle stand in my bathroom with a much bigger one and the old one just did not match with the colour scheme of any other rooms than the bathroom...and i am not that candle person...i don't really mind the decoration, but for me there is no need to light candles everyday...or any day.

...anyhow...i wanted to repurpose it into another candy jar...or actually five candy jars...

my apartment has a slight oriental touch...okay more than slight...sorry, having lived in dubai for six years did leave marks...and i think after my treatment the candle stand goes candy jars fits in perfectly.

I found a metal effects rust paint in a dark brown and just had to apply it with a sponge and now it looks really really shabbily chic.

the tutorial for the plain candy jars will be found here.