Thursday, 21 March 2013

hot white chocolate licorice sticks was one of those days, you should better not have left the house...cold, snowy, without turning the city in a beautiful white winter wonderland and no sunshine in sight.

don't get me wrong...i love this weather...even though, i might be the only one...and even though it is middle of march and everyone being tired waiting to see winter disappear.

...why not looking on the bright side of winter and make the best of it...recalling what we appreciate about winter time and go for it.

staying at home...getting cosy...enjoying a beautiful hot drink...

do you like hot chocolate...???
do you like white chocolate...???
do you like licorice...??? might like my hot white chocolate licorice sticks.

this what you need

- white chocolate

- grounded vanilla

- grounded aniseed

- licorice sprinkles

- silikcone moulds

- lollipop sticks

- milk

this is what you have to do

- melt white chocolate in a double boiler

- add vanille powder, aniseed powder, and licorice sprinkles and stir thoroughly

- pour into the silicone moulds

- let cool down before immersing the lollipop sticks

- let everything rest in the freezer for a few hours

- remove carefully

- dip the white chocolate stick in a glass of hot milk and stir until dissolved

- enjoy and forget the weather outside