Tuesday, 19 March 2013

candlestick candy jar

...a beautiful candy jar is one of those things you can use in so many ways...of course to stow and display candies and other sweets...as a jewellery holder...as a cotton buds stowage...to brighten up any buffet...and...and...and.

and yes...there are so many different kinds of candy jars or bowls available to purchase.

...but why not making a unique candy jar yourself.

and guess what...you can find everything you need in a thrift store or dollar shop...this is what i did and i would like to share with you how.


this is what you need


- candlestick

- glass bowl 

- small stainless steel plate 

- foot of plastic champagne flutes (two for each candy jar)

- christmas tree topper or small christmas tree ornaments

- glue (better not a hot glue gun, i actually melted the plastic parts)

- saw

this is what you have to do

- cut off the very top of the tree topper, using a saw


- affix the topper on top of the foot of the plastic champagne flute with glue

- glue the foot onto the centre of the small stainless steel plate to create the lid of the jar

- adhere another champagne flute foot to the bottom of the glass bowl

- put the bowl into the candlestick, optional you can glue it too


- add the lid 

- and enjoy your new amazing candy jar