Sunday, 27 January 2013

memoboard a la pucci comes another memoboard post...and today i decided to stick to the fashion designer inspired once and chose a pucci style.

to be not too boring...those memoboards differ from the chanel style once in many ways...

...both are magnetic and you do not need to staple or hotglue basically they are even easier to make and you do require less material, too.

as i used tart tins from a 1€uro shop and opted not to attach any hanging device...they are even a lot cheaper to make, too.

i hope you enjoy the tutorial.


this is what you need

- magnetic tart tin
- fancy fabric, slightly bigger than the tart tin
- spray-on adhesive
- scissors

this is what you need to do

- lay your tart tin on top of your fabric

- cut your fabric out

- about 5cm larger than the tin

- turn your fabric upside down

- spray your tart tin with spray-on adhesive

- lay your fabric on the side you sprayed and smooth out any wrinkles


- flip your tin over and start spraying the rim with adhesive

- fold the fabric over pull it as tight as possible and press it onto the metall rim

- it should like this, when you finished


this is what inspired me