Thursday, 31 January 2013

girlie and guy version of a french memoboard

...and here we go with some more fashion designer inspiration...but again very simple to make, inexpensive and with a lot of variation possibilities...and this time i made a guy version, too...

girlie stuff

                             guys stuff

                       more or less neutral stuff

this is what you need


- canvas 30 by 40cm
- fabric, slightly larger than the canvas
- batting, slightly larger than the canvas
- felt, slightly smaller than the canvas
- matching ribbon, about 3 meter
- staple gun and staples
- hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
- optinal brads, buttons or a matching flower

this is what you have to do

- cut your batting big enough to cover your canvas


- secure the batting with the staple gun and stretch it slightly

- it should look like this

- cut your fabric big enough to cover the padded canvas

- secure the fabric with the staple gun, stretch it slightly and pay attention to the pattern of the fabric

- it could look like this

- arrange the ribbon on the board, fold one end to the back and staple it

- cut the ribbon a little bit longer than the distance across the border

- stretch the ribbon to the opposite corner, fold the other end to the back and staple it

- repeat with the other ribbons

- optional you can add some brads to the ribbons or just a matching flower

- cut a piece of ribbon as a suspension device and staple both ends

- cut  a piece of felt slightly smaller than the canvas

- attach the felt with the hot glue gun to cover the back of canvas

- attach memos, photos or anything else and enjoy your french memo board     

...and here you can find my inspiration