Monday, 31 December 2012

glamorous bookmarks

...when i first saw those gorgeous velvet ribbon bookmarks...i totally fell in love and i knew...i need to make some myself.

and the good thing is...they are just so easy to make.

this is what you need




- 10 inch velvet or satin ribbon

- 2 ribbon clamps ( same width as the ribbon...1 inch..)

- chandelier earring matching the ribbon and the clamps

- wire cutter

- needle nose pliers 

this is what you have to do



- place one end of the ribbon between a ribbon clamp and use needle nose pliers to gently but tightly close the clamp, holding the ribbon in place.


- repeat on the opposite end of the ribbon

- attach the earring to the end of the bookmark clamps 

- cut the earwire with a wire cutter, leaving 1/4 inches

- use needle nose pliers to bend the wire back around to make a loop

- optional you can attach another smaller earring or simply add some beads to the clamp of the other side of the ribbon inspiration