Monday, 24 December 2012

hot chocolate mix

a little consolation for me and all my colleagues, who have been working on christmas eve.

...hopefully a yummy hot white chocolate or hot spicy chocolate could have cheered us up.

hot white chocolate with vanilla and cinnamon


 this is what you need

100g           white chocolate, frozen overnight
1 pinch of     vanilla powder
1 pinch of     cinnamon powder
1 pinch of     marshmallows

this is what you have to do

 -break chocolate into small pieces and ground it in a blender ( thermomix 10 seconds at high speed )

- add vanilla and cinnamon powder

- place the mixture in a small pretty plastic bag and add a handful marshmallows


hot gingerbread spiced chocolate


  - just use milkchcocolate instead of white chocolate and gingerbread spices instead of cinnamon.


here is where i got the inspiration from

here you can find the original recipe in german