Monday, 8 June 2015

milk carton gift wrap

i just love to give things that seem to have no purpose anymore a second life...mostly those things which could easily end up in the bin.

...cartons, no matter which shape or size make great gift why not using milk cartons...both shapes and sizes are just perfect.

there are quite a few options to decorate the cartons...i wanted to keep it simple and chose to paint them, add a chalkboard sticker to one of them and a frame to the other one.

this is what you need

- empty and clean milk carton

- tape

- spray-paint

- chalkboard stickers

- chalk

- small frame

- glue 

- scissors

this is what you have to do

- lay your milk carton on an even surface

- unfold the bottom of the carton

- flatten the carton by pressing your hands onto the lower part of the milk carton

- cut the seam with your scissors

- the inside of the carton is now accessible

- for the painting of the carton it might be advisible to bring it back to its original shape

- get your spray-paint ready

- start painting the carton from all sides

- you might need a couple of layers

- get your tape and your scissors ready

- place your gift inside the milk carton and fold the two bottom parts towards each other

- seal them with the a piece of your tape

- place it upright to check if the carton is able to stand upright

- get your chalkboard sticker and chalk or chalk pencil ready

- label the sticker

- stick it onto the middle of the front side of the carton

- get the lid on and you are done

- for the other carton you have to get your glue and your small frame ready

- put some glue onto the entire frame

- press it firmly onto the middle part of the front side of the milk carton

- add the lid and you are done

- you might have noticed that out of nowhere i came up with a black lid...somehow i thought the lid would look better in black and quickly painted one of them...without taking pictures of the process...sorry...i forgot it, i was too excited.

and here the two beauties...i really like them and i hope i'll find the right gift and the right recipient soon.

the inspiration for this post is from here:

hopefully you enjoyed the tutorial...thank you very much for your visit and best regards...silke