Tuesday, 7 October 2014

slate serving tray

after having bought a few slate trays and a slate etagere by now, i finally figured out that it can't be that difficult to make one myself...especially still having some slate tiles left, which i used in my bathroom.

when planning my slate tray project, i honestly thought i simply screw drawer pulls onto the tile and add some felt pads on the backside of the tray to avoid scratches on the table.

...when i finally held the tile in my hands i realised how thick it was...way thicker than the store-bought trays...so what to do...???

i considered keeping to the initial plan and drilling holes into the tiles...this could have taken for ages and might have broken my diamond drill...so what to do...???

...i remembered the metal glue, i bought the other day and went for an even easier option...i just glued the drawer pulls onto the tile and it worked out very well.

the tray isn't a real serving tray anymore...it is just a decoration or presenting tray...because of its size it is too heavy to be carried by the glues handles...but that wasn't my intention anyways.

...it can be done with any tile or plate you have on hand and makes a beautiful decoration object not only in your dining table.

this is what you need

- slate tile
- two drawer pulls
- metal glue
- felt pads (optional)

this is what you have to do

- adhere your first drawer pull onto one edge of your tile

- adhere the other drawer pull onto the opposite edge of the slate tile

- that it is...optional you can add some felt pads onto the backside of the tile

- my new diy slate tray matches my slate collection very well and is only waiting for its first usage

- i hope you enjoyed my tutorial...thank you very much for stopping by...best regards...silke