Thursday, 23 October 2014

jewelled halloween

...i never actually thought about halloween decoration before...but then my niece announced that she is going to through a halloween party this year and i could not stop thinking what i could contribute.

as i live five hundred kilometres away, i was thinking about a few bits and pieces, which could be easily be sent by mail...yeah right, once you started thinking about halloween and browsing through a few shops, you quickly notice that even in germany there is a lot of halloween stuff around.

...the funny thing is, i did not really buy any of those, but got insipired by a few things, which i had at home already.

black picture frames i always have on hand, as well as black candle sticks and black bowls.
fabrics, which haven't turned into designer pieces yet, paint and deco crystals are other things, i could count i just had to get some pumpkins and i could start painting, gluing and decorating.

a little bling bling can never hurt...and i does look the best on black...perfekt for halloween.

the jewelled pumpkins are so easy to make and more or less self explanatory, but still there is little tutorial.

...ohh needlesss to say, that i am not sending anything by post, i decided to hop on a train and deliver my contribution to my nieces halloween party personally.

this what you need

- a few mini pumpkins

- black paint

- brush

- crystal stones

- glue

- glitter

this is what you have to do

- paint your pumpkins

- adhere the stones onto the pumpkins

- apply some glue to the pumpkins

- drizzle some glitter onto the glue

and that it is...the variations are just endless

i am done and ready for halloween... i hope my niece does like the decoration and can use some of the stuff for her halloween party...thanks for stopping regards...silke