Friday, 19 April 2013

lacy clipboard

i hope it is not getting too boring, because it is another is more about the technique than about the clipboard itself...and another turned out sooo i could not resist.

...i did a similar project before, using spraypaint and lace fabric...this time i did not have the right colour of sprayaint on hand and used a lacy plastic placemat, as i really like the pattern.

it is such a great way to beautify nearly anything with an even surface.

have a look and enjoy the tutorial.







this is what you need

- plain clipboard

- lacy fabric

- paint

- soft sponge

- adhesive tape

- scissors

this is what you have to do

- choose a nice excerpt of the fabric and the position on the clipboard


- secure the fabric on the backside on the board as tight as possible

- apply some paint onto the sponge

- start dabbing the colour ono the farbic, trying to apply the paint evenly


- remove the fabric carefully

- optional you can secure the lace onto the table

- enjoy the beautiful pattern




this is what inspired me