Wednesday, 1 March 2017

clear shaker cards

as much as i love to create some fancy online greeting cards to post them on social media or whats app, i can't resist the old school ones, which will be delivered by the postman...and i love receiving them.

...there is much room for creativity and sooo many options.

i am fascinated by some of the really fancy shaker cards, i found online...and while trying to figure out how to create them, i discovered how easy a very simple version can be made.

...if you have been here before, you must have noticed that i prefer it quick and easy, but still cool and here we go.

so here is the tutorial for a shaker card with only little supply and tools.

this is what you need

- small lamination pouch or any other clear plastic pouch

- selection of various sequins in similar colours and different shapes

- few clamps

- sewing machine or fuse tool

- label maker

this is what you have to do

- close the pouch with your clips, leaving the upper side open

- sew along the edges or close the the pouch using the fuse tool

- fill the pouch with your sequins

- close close the pouch, by sewing along the upper edge of the pouch

- create your message by using the label maker

- adhere the label to the sequins filled pouch

- and ready is the clear shaker card

if you want to say a little bit more than just thank you, you can of course leave a message inside the pouch or add a plain piece of paper to your clear shaker card.

i hope you have enjoyed the simple tutorial for the clear shaker card...thank you very much for stopping regards...silke