Sunday, 22 May 2016

the good food book

...soo old school and soo cool...a cook book, recipe book.

i love browsing through the internet and checking out all sort of things and of course recipe...and yes, i save some of them online...and yes sometimes i use my ipad as cook book.

...but to be honest...i still prefer flipping through my recipes manually and don't mind to write them down in a book.

"the good food book" was a gift to a dear friend and i love the idea, the recipe collection isn't tied up in a sturdy enables you to easily add and remove recipes.

...and it looks so damn is a such a great gift for guys...ok for guys to like to cook or have to learn how to cook.

of course the concept of the book can be adopted to anything you need to keep in place...addresses, photos, memories, letters, notes, appointments and so on.

...and for sure i make a few for myself, too...maybe with a little bling bling...or maybe just as plain and modest as they are right now.

you are more than welcome to have a look at my pictured tutorial...the book  is soo easy to make...a see-through placemat and a few clips...that's it.

this is what you need

- placemat (transparent)

- three foldback clips

- letter stencils

- white pencil

- white pen

- black paper


this is what you have to do

- draw the title of your book cover onto the first sheet of black paper

- i decided to use a white pencil first and to create a sort of a template

- get your white pen ready

- colour the template with a white pen

- using a touch-up pen makes the letters so much brighter, which is important if you want to shine your book title through the placemat cover

- take down your favourite recipes


- this does not have to be that old school and could of course be done on your computer 

- fasten the recipes with a foldback clip

- add your book cover title to the recipe collection

- place the paper bundle onto the middle of the plastic placemat

- fold the placemat over and create a book by fasten the edges with two more foldback clips

...and that's it is...a really cool and fancy cook book.

there are not only many ways to make such a simple "book" there are also many ways to make us of it.

- you can use all sorts of placemats or any other materials, which you can be bent, it its not transparent, you just have to print or write the title onto the outer layer.

- the "book" can be used as an address book, a journal, a diary, a photo album, a guestbook and a lot more.

i hope you have enjoyed the tutorial and got a little bit inspired...thank you very much and best regards...silke