Sunday, 29 November 2015

last minute advent wreath

forgot that the advent started today and you don't have an advent wreath yet...???

no problem...there is a simple idea for an advent wreath, which does not require any extraordinary can easily use your last year's christmas tree decoration.

this advent wreath will also make a beautiful a centre piece for your christmas dining table.

this is what you need

- four glasses

- four candles

- some matching christmas tree balls in various sizes

- matching ribbons, sequinces or other small bits and pieces

this is wnat you have to do

- divide your decoration supply into four parts

- place each part into one of the glasse

- turn the glasses upside down

- arrange the glasses in one row

- place one candle onto each glass stand

- add some more decoration around the glass handle holders

this is such a simple, but yet stylish way to set up an advent wreath, which does niot cost a thing, if you are able to reuse your existing decoration stuff.

i wish a joyful holiday regards...silke