Sunday, 29 March 2015

it's all about the fabric - brown outdoor sweaters

in my opinion an extravagant fabric deserves a modest shape to bring out its beauty. for me, who loves to keep it simple anyways, those fancy fabrics are a bless and i just can't leave them on the shelves and have to take them home.

sometimes this leads to keeping them in my fabric storage for quite some time...i always think, i should use different pattern as it would make me too uncreative and too boring, if i would keep on using the same pattern again and again.

...but then...i look at my already existing wardrobe, look at other pattern... and then go for my favourite ones, which i then do not regret at all.

never change a winning team.

so here you can find my brown outdoor sweater collection.

more pictures will be found on my fashion blog.

thank you very much for stopping warmest regards...silke