Friday, 20 February 2015

a dream team with heart and soul...tea and cookies

the trilogy of hot drinks part 3: tea and cookies...a traditional british hot drink combination

the perfect occasion to show off my handsewn tea bags...with a cookie attached to the tea bag, they are not only cute, but also very handy.

...again the almond and marzipan cookies are gluten-free and made with a few ingredients only and you will find the recipe right at the end of this post.

this is what you need for the teabags

- tea or coffee filter

- heart-shaled cookie cutter

- pencil

- scissors

- thread

- tea

- small spoon

this is what you have to do

- get one of the tea filters, your cookie cutter and stencil ready

- use your cookie cutter as a stencil and draw a heart onto a folded filter

- you might get two hearts out of one tea filter

- cut the filter in two halves

- get your thread and your scissors ready

- cut the thread in the desired lengths

- insert the folded thread in the middle of two tea filter layers

- the best position seems to be the centre of the heart

- sew along the edges of the heart

- leave an opening for inserting the tea

- cut along the need to be a bit careful close to the thread

- so far so good

- pretty already

- get your tea and a little spoon ready

- fill the tea into the teabag

- it might get a little messy

- close the open seem

- and here they are...the heart-shaped teabags

- attach one cookie to each teabag, by pulling the thread through the hole of the cookie heart

- and that's it

and this is what you actually need to bake the cookies

- 200g grounded almonds

- 200g marzipan

- 100g icing sugar

- 100g sugar

- 1 egg white

- dash of lemon juice

- 1 straw

this is what you have to do

- kneat all ingredients into a ball

- let rest in the fridge for 1 hour

- roll out the dough 

- cut out hearts

- use your straw to cut out a hole in each heart

- bake for seven to ten minutes at 160 degrees celcius

- let cool down

the original german recipe can be found here:

i hope you enjoyed this post...thank you very much for visiting regards...silke