Wednesday, 15 January 2014

amazing address book...hardware store inspired

laminate sample chips...don't you think they are just perfect for crafting...i do and used them as covers for different journals.

...holding them together with fancy drawer pulls, they make great address books and calendars...i am sooo happy with them and have to go back to the hardware stores to get some more.

this is what you need

- 2 laminate sample chips

- 1 fancy drawer pull

- paper

- paper cutting machine

- one hole puncher

- saw

- screw driver

- letter stencils

- pens

this is what you have to do

- slide your paper into the cutting machine

- cut it slightly smaller than the laminate sample chips

- use the paper as a template for the next stack of paper

- punch a hole in the middle of the upper part of the paper

- repeat with all your papers

- get your pen and stencils ready

- write the title of your journal, addressbook or calendar onto the front size of one of the laminate chips

- it could look like this

- you might need to shorten the screw of your drawer pull

-  used a saw to do so and it worked quite well, optional you can just replace the screw with a smaller one

- get your drawer pull ready

- stick the screw through the hole of the back side of the laminate 

- place your paper stack onto the screw

- add the labelled laminate to cover the address book

- place the washer of the drawer pull onto the cover

- and finally screw down the drawer pull

-  fasten the screw in place from the back side

- and here we go

- hand-letter your papers 

- for a birthday calendar label paper with a stencil

- laminate sample chips come in a huge variety as well as drawer pulls, so you have a lot of options

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial and i am looking forward to seeing a lot of other ideas how to use laminate sample chips.

warmest regards...silke