Tuesday, 4 September 2012

gift wrapping idea for oddly shaped gifts

here is what you need to get started

- non-woven wallpaper
- paperclips
- pen
- scissors
- thread
- any round object to use as a template ( i used a placemat )


  - mark two of the same sized circles on the wallpaper 

   - cut them out

- pin your wallpaper circles left sides together

- sew along all "edges" of the "bag" but leave a gap of a few inches on the top

- place your gift inside

- sew the opening on he top using the same wide zig zag stitches

- remove the excessive wallpaper  

- customize the gift wrapping by decorating with flowers, ribbons, greeting cards or simply with a    name label

- i even use kraftpaper to do up a parcel