Sunday, 20 October 2013

elegant cupcake wrappers

....actually way too simple to post a how-to-do instruction...but i loved the pictures of every step and the i decided to post the tutorial anyways.

as you might notice by the end of this post...i did not wrap any cupcakes...i did muffins this is basically about muffin wrappers...brownie muffins by the way...yummy...and i promise i will come back with the recipe soon.

this is what you need

- round paper doilies

- muffin paper cups

- scissors

- scotch tape

this is what you have to do

- cut into the outer lacy part of the paper doily

- trace along the edges of the doily

- cut the inner circle...

- completely separate the inner circle from the outer lacy part

- spread out the outer circle of the doily

- wrap it around a  muffin paper cup to find the right length for the wrap

- the edges should slightly overlap

- make a clean cut

- you should be able to make three pieces per doily

- apply some tape on one side of the paper lace

- turn it into a ring and glue both ends together

- keep a muffin paper cup ready

- fit the muffin paper cup into the doily ring

- and here you go

- beautiful doily paper wrappers

i hope you enjoyed the tutorial and wish you a lot of fun doing some cupcake wrappers yourself...very best regards...silke